Where Belted Galloway Cattle roam, herds of beautiful Fallow & Red deer graze, a flock of tiny Soay sheep roam and Wild Boar root for their food.

All the farmed animals we keep on the farm today are hardy, self sustaining and low maintenance. Apart from regular checking and if necessary feeding they look afterthemselves to a large extent, leading as natural a life as possible. The cattle, sheep and deer graze for most of the year, and are supplementary fed in the winter months with hay and silage grown on the farm. The wild boar are the only animals that need daily feeding all year round, otherwise they escape and look for food elsewhere! All our meat is grown on the farm, killed locally and sold off the farm; you couldn’t get lower food miles! Low input, low output is our ethos and with low
densities and natural living we do not get any illnesses or deficiencies.


  The Reindeer Company Limited 1952-2017.
Last revised:- June 29, 2017